Marie!!! (bonzi_cat_girl) wrote in lathrop,

Donations Needed

Hi everyone!

I'm organizing a silent auction/dinner fundraiser for Lathrop Academic Decathlon and am trying to recieve donations. I know quite a few of you are alumni of AcaDeca so I won't bother you with the considerable benefits of the program. What I need is silent auction donations from yourself or a business you think would be willing to donate something. As always money would be worshiped but goods, services, or gift certificates would be just as welcome. If you have nothing to give but would still like to help out I need suggestions on local businesses or people who you think would be willing to donate goods or services. Bonus points if you could give me the name of whoever is in charge of donations in that company. Call me, Marie, at 590-sixteen twentytwo or respond to this post.
Thanks so much for any help!

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