David (kenske) wrote in lathrop,

Something weird I noticed...

So I have this theory that since Stitham left Lathrop, that the value of education has decreased greatly.

I'm looking at the more academically outgoing students in my grade (senior, for those of you who don'tw know), and realized that so many of them are jumping into the slacker end. I've heard stories of those people who took 5 AP classes their senior year and got that 5.0. Now, all the people that might have been validvictorian are taking only two classes that mean something (and some of the people are only taking two classes!).

Also, the lack of AP comparitive government makes me sad this year.

Any other thoughts about anything around these topics?

PS- Anyone else interested in becoming a moderater? I'm the only one now and days, considering Sedruce got a new journal, and doesn't keep up with this community.
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