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First days

This will go down as my first post in this community. Good stuff.

The Lathrop Talent Show (Lathrop Unplugged as it was called) was on Friday, October 14th. Overall, the whole show went well. I unfortunately didn't stay for the whole thing to know of everybody that placed, but I do know that the Lathrop Swing and Ballroom Dance Team took 4th with their Night Club 2 Step dance to "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. In 2nd place was Manny and another girl with a duet rap. And 1st place was taken by the polynesian dancers. There were people that I felt should've won something, but I'm not the judge unfortunately. If someone could fill me in on who took 2nd and so on that'd be kickin'.

International Friendship Day was held on Saturday, October 15th. There were a lot of performances, including the Lathrop High School Swing and Ballroom Dance team. There were also the breakdancers, who are past Lathrop-goers, salsa dancers, dancers that had the ability to balance glasses full of water on their heads, and many more. The food was really good too. You gotta love chinese food (at least that's what I was eyeing).

Upcoming events:
1) The LHS Swing and Ballroom Dance Team will be selling ham and crab very soon. If you are interested in purchasing some later (preferably from me seeing as I need to sell something this year :-P) you can call me (452-8541, ask for Chris), or leave a comment in my journal with contact info and I'll get back to you (I check lj pretty much everyday).

Other events to come!
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