Lisha (eskaia) wrote in lathrop,

Club Potential

Hello all!

So, I had an idea awhile ago to start up a new club at school and just recently Mr. Grassi offered to sponsor us, so I thought I'd get it known here and see if anyone's even interested in the idea.

It's, basically, a club about religions and understanding beliefs that have been muddled with prejudices and just all-around learning about different denominations around the world and promoting religious tolerance.

This club won't really focus on the major religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism, but on lesser-known beliefs, such as (but most definitely not limited to); Rastafarianism, paganism, Satanism, Gnostisism, and others. It's a club promoting the broadening of one's mind and, of course, learning. There will be absolutely no pushing beliefs, this is simply an informational club for people who may have an interest in theology and feel like sharing thoughts with others with those same interests.

Well, that's my bit. The only time we have available for us now is Tuesdays at lunch, but we have no set date yet...reply if you feel you'd be interested!

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